Why see an Orthodontist


Dentist or Orthodontist?

Simply stated, orthodontics is the art and science of straightening teeth and aligning jaws to improving the function and esthetics of the teeth and face.

An orthodontist undergoes all of the training of general dentistry and then dedicates at least two years to study in an orthodontic program of a dental school or institution approved by the American Dental Association. The advanced training includes such diverse studies as physics, embryology, genetics, human growth and development, biophysics and engineering. Only those dentists with this advanced education can announce that they are orthodontists.

The essence of orthodontics is a treatment result that includes all of the permanent teeth (except wisdom teeth). "Early" orthodontic treatment should be reserved for only that which can not be done at a later time or is easier to treat "early". This approach will result in patients wearing braces for less time, give a superior result and will be less expensive.


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