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A smile says a lot about a person. It is the first indicator of their personality, emotion and overall self-presentation. We use our mouths to communicate with one another on a daily basis. But, as anyone with a few crooked teeth can tell you, a smile can sometimes lead to a low self esteem. This day and age, most faulty smiles are corrected at a young age. But, what about the adults who wish to improve their smile? Orthodontic treatment for adults is an increasingly popular aspect of dentistry that is improving the smiles of adults everywhere.

While some adults are eager to jump at the chance to fix their smile, even if it means braces that resemble their twelve year old son’s, other adults are a little more modest—choosing to be a little self conscious than to become a “metal mouth.” But bad teeth can be doing damage, and not just to your self esteem. Crooked or overlapping teeth can have physical health risks, which is why it is important to consider orthodontic treatment for adults.

The Tampa Bay offices of Dr. Christina M. Martin Orthodontics value their patients… both children and adults. They will work with each individual patient to devise a specific treatment plan that adheres to the needs of the patient’s teeth. They do so with care and efficiency, because they know more than anyone the importance of someone’s smile.

Orthodontic treatment for adults is importance because it can significantly improve a number of aspects of someone’s smile. In addition to making it a more attractive smile, it can also correct teeth and jaw processes. For example, crooked or misaligned teeth can affect chewing. They can cause discomfort (headaches, jaw pains, TMG, etc). Aligning teeth allows even simple procedures to be quicker and less complicated. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, therefore preventing bacteria and plaque build up, which could lead to further tooth or gum complications.

Dr. Christina M. Martin Orthodontics offer several treatments. Whether it is through appliances, tooth removal, or surgery, orthodontic treatment for adults are performed and completed with care, diligence, and precision. Each patient has a variety of options to choose from, depending on the intensity of aligning they need, how long they need the braces on for, and how invisible they wish the devices to be.

Two of the most common types of orthodontic treatments for adults are Invisalign and ceramic braces. Invisalign is a transparent, plastic aligner that has the luxury of being both comfortable and invisible. There is even little interference while eating. Ceramic braces are most commonly found among adults, because of their relatively unnoticeable brackets.

Graduating at the top of her class from both Ohio State School of Dentistry and University of Michigan School of Orthodontics, Dr. Christina M. Martin is adequately and strongly qualified for the orthodontic treatments for adults. Although she originally began her practice in Town N Country, her second orthodontic offices can also be found in Tampa, New Tampa and Wesley Chapel. Because orthodontics can be costly, Dr. Christina M. Martin Orthodontics offers a New Patient Coordinator, who will be able to work with you about specific payments once Dr. Martin has come up with the appropriate treatment plan for you.

Orthodontic treatment for adults is a smart option for any adult with a smile that could use even just small improvements. Teeth can be fixed at any age- as long as they are healthy! A smile says a lot about a person—so why not make it the best it can be?

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